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Product Briefing: RSoft Comprehensive Solutions on
Photonics Applications
Thursday, December 7, 2017 (OPTIC 2017 Conference Day 1)
Room 2006, International Research Building, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaoshiung, Taiwan
Dr. Xu Chenglin (Synopsys Optical Solutions Group)
Synopsys and Cybernet System Taiwan will be hosting an introduction about RSoft’s comprehensive solutions on photonics applications, such as Silicon photonics and photonic integrated circuits. Live demonstration sessions will introduce participants to simulations of typical design flow for photonic integration from ideas to wafer-runs, and co-simulation between Ray-tracing(LightTools) and wave optics(RSoft) tools.

This section will have three parts:
Overview of Synopsys RSoft’s tool and solutions
Dr. Xu will provide a presentation about introducing Synopsys RSoft’s latest solutions to a variety of applications, aiming to introduce industry-leading tools which are used to design and analyze optical telecommunication devices, optical components used in semiconductor manufacturing, and nano-scale optical structures.
RSoft 2017.09 new features and future development
After introducing Synopsys’ RSoft products, Dr. Xu will show participants the latest version of RSoft and several powerful, multi-level simulation solutions, including an interface with Synopsys' HSPICE® circuit simulation tool for cohesive, rigorous co-simulation of electronic components in photonic circuits. These important new features make users be able to streamline and enhance photonic and optoelectronic modeling.
Specific topics and applications of RSoft
Dr. Xu also brings brief introductions for two hot topics: Si Photonics and Diffraction Optical Elements. For Si Photonics area, Dr. Xu will deliver current situations of cooperation between AIM Photonics and Synopsys, and the key role of RSoft palys in EPDA industry. Besides, Dr. Xu will put emphasis on the integration between RSoft and LightTools®, including a graphical user interface for the calculation of BSDF files and improved handling of dispersion by the RSoft BSDF User Defined Optical Property (UDOP) interface for use with Synopsys’ LightTools® illumination design software.

The speakers will be available for discussions after the workshop.
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﹥ 如您有興趣取得相關資料,請與我們聯繫